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Welcome to the world of Eight & Associates where hair care transcends the ordinary and embraces a journey of authenticity, dedication, and innovation. 

At the core of our journey lies the visionary founders, a couple who meticulously crafted all three of our distinguished brands from the ground up, embracing a common mission to uplift and support hairdressers. Their genuine passion is the driving force behind the team of hairdressers whom they have invited to join them on this journey.

We are passionate about making a change in our industry, instead of chasing numbers we prioritise building real connections with hairdressers and empowering them with the products and support to thrive. No more gimmick marketing, just genuine, effective products and unwavering support for passionate hairdressers like you, over the conventional sales representative model. Join us on this journey where genuine passion, knowledge, and a unique approach converge to redefine the standards of the haircare industry.

In a world saturated with gimmicks and exaggerated promises, we invite you to challenge the status quo. Break free from the noise of gimmick marketing and experience hair care that is true, genuine, and effective. Unlike most salon-only brands in Australia, we have chosen a path distinct from the norm.  

The founders’ commitment remains unwavering – you will never find our products on platforms like Kogan, Amazon, Catch of the Day, Dick Smith Electronics, Priceline, Warehouse Hairhouse, Chemist, Supermarkets, or similar. 

Hair isn’t just about appearance; it’s about empowerment. We believe that everyone deserves the best version of themselves, and as a hairdresser, you have the incredible power to make that happen. 

Our philosophy is rooted in inspiring those around us and celebrating the beauty of great hair.

At Eight & Associates, we’re not just disrupting the industry – we’re redefining it. Join us on this exciting journey of passion, honesty, and innovation. Dare to be different with us, and together, let’s create a world where haircare is an authentic expression of your amazing creativity.

More than a brand




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